Background, Culture

Into a Brave New World

I have lived in an age of great achievements. In my lifetime, many of the greatest minds, lived and expanded our emerging new world to come. New forms of technology before only dreamed of are introduced almost daily. Our culture, which in the past could be viewed regionally, now is becoming more and more global. We are surrounded by the brilliance of others in this new life we share, in a new world that is daily transforming itself into the future, a future that is paradoxically both wonderful and yet so potentially horrible, that we, the average person, in our own average worlds, seek to find comfort and security.

In may ways, just as pop culture played a prominent role in the American experience of the 60’s, our youth are experiencing a new culture that is molding their conscience understanding of themselves and their role in the larger world around them. For those young enough to remember, in the 60’s “all we need is love,” and for those of the current emerging generation, the words may be different but the sentiment is the same. Are these words merely a slogan or are they an embedded ideal that we all share? Generation after generation seek to find and share love, love, love. I contend that Lennon and McCartney had a clear sense of what is in most of our hearts when they wrote: “and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

Most Americans live in their own self-consumed worlds, and though society tries to elevate itself to nobler goals, the average person, seeks their own comforts first. Here in America, an christian nation, it is no different. In this consumer driven world,  love is a part of the equation of live, but it is often centered on the self. Has it ever been different?

Of course, many people around the world are seeking a better way, but the history of mankind is a mixed bag of conflicting beliefs, that never seem to reconcile. All cultures are under a new kind of stress, because we live in a world of supersonic speeds, where information seems to travel at the speed of light. what values will shape our  new world future? If history can be any sort of guide, people will always be divided between aspiring toward spiritual goals, while internally balancing their own personal comfort. Will our society find a true moral path to walk, or simply waffle back and forth through good time and bad.

If an honest epitaph were to be written in the future about humanity what would it say? When all of our experiences throughout history were to be taken into account, would our epitaph read like this: “Here lies humanity, and in the end, all the love it made was equal to the love it gave.” Would a collective epitaph be enough to sustain us in the Brave New World that is our future? Or while the clock is still ticking, and blood is flowing through our viens, there will always be time for a new birth.


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