Background, Culture


Along the way, I made mistakes, cried my tears and continued to be the best person I was taught to be. Through it all, I was determined to travel into my own unknown waters, and move toward a new life.

I’m reminded of the Peggy Lee song of the sixties entitled, “Is That All There Is,” and though my life would continue to be a litany of duties and responsibilities with an epithet that would read, “He was born, made mistakes, did something right, then he died.” I was being swallowed up in the dance of life that was slowly grinding me down. Lossing all connections to religion, because I began to see religion as created by men created to control society. I wanted to hold on to something greater than me, to a sense of spiritually to answer to all my concerns about what is real.

Slowly over time, began a new search for what was real.

If an honest epitaph were to be written in the future about all of us, what would it say? When all of our experiences in this short life were to be taken into account, would the epitaph read like this: “Here lies humanity, and in the end, all the love that was made was equal to the love that was gave.” Would that epitaph be your mark in this lifetime? Or while the clock is still ticking, and blood is flowing through our veins, will there always be hope for a new dawn? These questions all started for me as a young boy.

I had come to the conclusion of my infinite smallness, and how if just by chance, I was alive and occupied this small speck of time. Why were we born here in America, and not Asia, or some other part of the world? What was the purpose of this existence?


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